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Title: "The Bride - Waiting"
Post by: Geoff_R on April 13, 2008, 03:19:34 AM
This is one of my fav shots....just a very quick grab....it was one of her's as well:-)


Title: Re: "The Bride - Waiting"
Post by: keithsnell on April 13, 2008, 06:04:55 AM

Beautiful!  This is another wonderful image that has a timeless quality to it.  I'm sure the bride will treasure this image forever (and the groom too).

As my photography improves (albeit slowly), and I get more comfortable with my abilities, I find myself drawn more to photographing people, and trying to capture their spirit as you have in this image.  Keep inspiring us.

Title: Re: "The Bride - Waiting"
Post by: Geoff_R on April 15, 2008, 08:22:31 AM

thanks for the kind words....I guess if I was to say I'm talented in a particular area...which I'm not....I'd say it was "people shots".
I just see the shot coming and grab it....it use to be a reflex action but now I can very subtly stage manage a situation to that effect.
I did a bridal shoot on Saturday and as I walked into the church a lovely shaft of light was pouring in thru a window to my right.
I casually asked the couple to stand in a position that placed them in the pool of light while we setup. As they talked and joked together
I quietly picked up my R1, which is slient, and using the lcd as a waistlevel finder took the shots....they thought I was just fiddling with a camera.
The lcd on the R1 allows you to dial in exposure comp etc in real time ie. what you see is what you get.
They remained unaware and I had the keepers.
BTW IMHO the Sony R1 is the best "all in one" digital camera made and if someone said you can have just one digital camera I'd pass on all of them
but the R1.